1. How to join?

Ans. The joining process is very simple, click on "Joining Process" on our website for more information.

2. Who can join Home based jobs?

Ans. People who all interested to earn money from "Work From home" Jobs can join, very useful for College students, House wife, Retired persons and can work from anywhere in your convenient timing.

3. How and when I can contact you ?

Ans. You can contact us on the phone or mail at, we attend phone calls only on Monday to Saturday within 10 am to 6 pm only, if anybody needs to contact us after the time mentioned can email, your email will be responded within 24 hours excluding holidays.

4. How will i receive my earnings?

Ans. Your earnings will be paid through cheque or NEFT/online to your bank account.

5. When will I get a job after my signup/registration process is complete?

Ans. If you have registered for computer based work (offline typing work/ Digital form filling work/ excel numerical work), the work will you get in 24 hours, and if you have registered for manual based work (manual form filling work) , the work will you get on your address within 2-3 days via Courier or postal service.

6. What is a Payment Guarantee?

Ans. We do not just talk verbally, we give payment guarantee in written on Agreement/Legal bond. Usually we are paying to our members as committed.

7. You can give any of the members/candidates mobile no. to check with them about you?

Ans. As per our privacy policy, members Any information (contact number / Address / mail address) cannot be shared with others whoever joining or joined.

8.Can i Signup / Register on Sundays or other holidays??

Ans. Yes. You can also join Sunday or other holidays, our phones will remain closed on Sundays because the office is closed. If you want to join Sunday or other holidays, then follow the guidelines given on our website. You will get Agreement copy and work on the next working day.

Is Phenix Data Outsourcing Company ISO Certified ?

Yes, Phenix Data Outsourcing is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.